What To Expect

What to expect

Your first consultation will be 1 hour to 1:30 hour in length. It’s highly recommended that you fill the intake form in detail and ask questions during the visit. The goal of this visit is to understand you as an individual – your unique life circumstances, detailed health history, lifestyle, diet, medications and family history. After a thorough medical history, a focused physical examination will be done, if indicated. A screening blood work or advanced laboratory analysis may be recommended depending upon the complexity of the case. At this point a general treatment plan (mostly dietary and lifestyle) is suggested aiming to empower and educate you about your body’s inherent healing capacity.

Second consultation – This is generally booked 1-2 weeks after your initial consult (recommendations are usually individual based) and a specific personalized treatment plan is recommended which is alignment with your needs and goals. Final decision with the treatment plan is yours as you are an active partner in your health care.

Naturopathic treatments rarely conflict with conventional medical treatments and medications, in fact vast majority of the patients seeking naturopathic treatment are under the care of health teams consisting of multiple professionals. Nd’s are trained to understand interactions between naturopathic medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. Naturopathic medicine can even help before and after surgery for a speedy recovery.