Mental health


Mental health

Dr. Priya  is passionate about mental health issues and is committed to provide holistic options to those experiencing mental or emotional concerns. You do not have to choose between holistic and conventional treatments. Holistic approaches can be used in conjunction with psychiatric medications for improved physical health and a richer emotional experience. Whether it’s burnt out, depression, anxiety or just feeling low, in many cases naturopathic medicine serves as a first line approach or an adjunct support to conventional treatment.

Following therapies are routinely used for mental health recovery:

Nutritional therapy and blood sugar balancing to optimize brain function.

Restoring digestive health is addressing gastrointestinal health which is fundamental to mental health recovery as many mental health concerns have their origin in the gut. Conditions such as low stomach acid, leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, inflammation and food allergies have a direct effect on brain function.

Counselling with a strong emphasis on self awareness and mindfulness.

Homeopathy offers a safe adjunct to conventional and naturopathic treatments.

Hormone balancing , for example thyroid dysfunction is often overlooked and symptoms may mimic depression, anxiety, poor memory and fatigue.

Mind and Body treatments such as meditation, breath work, relaxation strategies which aim to calm the mind.